Our Values

Our values at Capital City College Group underpin our vision of transforming lives through exceptional education and training, and our mission to inspire London’s students and businesses with outstanding further and higher education and training, which ensures their social and economic success.

These values are the key ideas and principles that people within our organisation and our partners believe are important. They sum up why we do what we do – our purpose – and how we go about our work – our approach.


  • We create a safe and trusting professional environment where people are treated well and equally 
  • We listen, empathise and take time to understand the views of others 
  • We support students and staff to take responsibility for themselves, their development and their actions


  • We seek out new ideas and develop new approaches 
  • We create opportunities for innovation
  • We are agile and responsive to change and willing to take risks


  • We create opportunities for transformational change for our students 
  • We expect great things of all our students and our staff 
  • We have a constant drive for progression


  • We go the extra mile to help individuals realise their dreams – whoever they are and whatever their background 
  • We embrace difference and break down barriers to learning wherever they exist 
  • We focus on the future and spotting new opportunities to develop what we do


  • We are open to doing things differently and learning from others 
  • We work in partnership to ensure the best for students, employers and staff 
  • We create partnerships that deliver mutual and lasting benefit