Capital City College Training

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Capital City College Training: Vincent Square, Victoria, SW1P 2PD
Capital City College Training

Capital City College Training offers high-quality training solutions and apprenticeships for businesses, speifically designed to meet the needs of London employers looking to improve their workforce. Our courses are designed with real jobs in mind, reflecting the latest market intelligence, employer and student demand. Together with teaching staff at our three colleges, we are able to lead the reinvigoration of the capital’s evolving further education sector.

Our staff work across a wide range of areas – from B2B and sales to compliance to subcontracting and externally-funded educational projects. We work with businesses to understand their market requirements, and deliver high-quality training solutions designed to improve their workforce with innovative training and the right recruits. In addition, we work with young people, matching them to suitable roles to help both them, and their employer, thrive, as well as providing a range of options for those not currently in education, employment or training.

Working at CCCT, you will become part of your team, the business itself, and the wider community of Capital City College Group, with a range of events that give you the opportunity to network and share best practice with colleagues. Your work will be directly impacting the lives of individuals and businesses across London, helping the economy of one of the world’s greatest cities to thrive. You will join a team of like-minded people, united by a combined sense of purpose and shared idea that lifelong learning, opportunities and specialist training can help us, our colleges and our students to be successful – together.

Jackie Chapman
Managing Director